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  • Te Decet Hymnus Deus in Sion; Boosey & Hawkes POP
  • Nocturnes, Book I; MorningStar Music Publishers MSM-12-128
  • Symphony No. 1 (Ezekiel); unpublished
  • Five Preludes on American Folk Hymns; H. W. Gray GCOS 56 POP
  • Symphony No 2 (Sinfonia Brevis); unpublished
  • Mountain Music; MorningStar Music Publishers MSM-12-125
  • The Stations of the Cross; unpublished
  • Siciliana and Arioso; MorningStar Music Publishers MSM-10-667
  • Carillon (Nine Hymn Preludes); Augsburg-Fortress
  • A Christmas Carillon (Organ carols for the winter seasons); Augsburg-Fortress
  • Tambourine; MorningStar Music Publishers; MSM-10-437
  • Blue Prelude; MornngStar Music Publishers; MSM-10-433
  • Feria; unpublished

Organ and Other Instruments

  • Nocturnes, Book III (with trumpet and percussion); unpublished
  • Neumark Variations (with piano); MorningStar Music Publishers MSM-12-124
  • Preludes on Wondrous Love and How Firm a Foundation (with oboe or other C instrument) in Augsburg-Fortress Organ Plus, Vol. 1

Sacred Choral

  • A Lamb Goes Uncomplaining Forth; unpublished
  • Jubilate Deo (SATB and organ); Cantus Press CSM 105 POP
  • Across the Desert (SATB, flute, percussion, and organ
  • Thus Sings the Heavenly Choir (SAB and organ); H. W. Gray GCMR 3493 POP
  • Psalm 150 (SATB and organ); unpublished
  • None Other Lamb (SATB a capella) ECS 4959
  • O Gracious Light (SATB, cello, handbells, and organ) unpublished
  • Sweet Was the Song the Virgin Sang (SATB a capella); unpublished
  • Shall I Tell You Who Will Come to Bethlehem? (SATB and organ);
    Paraclete Press PPM 00828
  • The Spirit of the Lord (SAB and organ); unpublished
  • This I Am (SATB a capella); unpublished
  • Thy Kingdom Come (SAB and organ); unpusblished
  • Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis (SSAA and organ); Paraclete Press PPM01556
  • Evensong (SATB and organ); unpublished
  • God Is a Spirit (SATB and organ) Paraclete Press PPM01655

Secular Choral

  • Springsongs (SATB a capella); unpublished
  • Three Shakespeare Songs (SATB a capella); unpublished

Solo Vocal

  • Sayings of Jesus (soprano and organ); unpublished
  • Celtic Invocations (mezzo-soprano and piano); unpublished


  • Rag, Pastorale, and Carillon (two pianos); unpublished
  • Souvenir (piano); unpublished
  • Chaconne (piano); unpublished
  • String Quartet No. 1; unpublished
  • String Quartet No. 2; unpublished
hand drawn music

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